SSTWT: The president’s personal assistant(1)

In the early evening, the time where the streetlights are first lit, Ye Huai filed away the medical case that was on the table. He turned off the lights and leaned against the table while lighting up a cigarette.

In the corridor outside were still sounds of messy footsteps, as one of the top three hospitals in the city, it was not idle for even a moment. Opening the window curtain, he looked down. At the first floor still remained many passionate and high-spirited fans, raising up a variety of huge placards, gathering below Ye Huai’s office on behalf of their idol, demanding for “justice”.

Quack Doctor Ye Huai, how dare you harm my male god! ” An extremely huge placard to denounce Ye Huai has already became part of the hospital’s scenery.

Not only in front of the hospital’s main entrance, from the newsstands to the internet, from Weibo to WeChat, even on Twitter and Facebook, all of them covered the reports on Ye Huai and Chu Jiang.

Even Ye Huai’s table had a copy sitting there. On the cover of the magazine was a head shot of him that they got from who knows what medical website. Along with that were photos of Chu Jiang with serious injuries and in a coma. Big words in red and green, along with multiple exclamation marks crammed the front cover. You din’t even need to look at the contents to know that the facts have been distorted.

As Ye Huai smoked his last puff of the cigarette, his office door was knocked. Nurse Xiao Cui pushed open the door and entered, “Doctor Ye, the director is calling for you.”

En.” Ye Huai gave a relieved smile. Discarding the cigarette into the ashtray, both hands inserted into the pockets of his lab coat, he walked out of his office.

Xiao Cui accompanied Ye Huai all the way to the doorway of the director’s office. From the beginning till the end, she has been cautiously paying attention to Doctor Ye’s expression. However, seeing him look so comfortable, people really could not tell that he had been denounced by the whole world.

“Doctor Ye, you…take care.” Xiao Cui, in the end, could not resist giving a sentence of warning. All the people in the hospital knew that the King of the Silver Screen Chu Jiang’s surgery after the car accident was very successful. With regards to the surgery records and the procedure, Ye Huai did not make any mistakes. However, for reasons unknown, after the surgery ended, the patient entered a comatose state. Currently, the root cause is still being discussed by various medical specialists. However, the so-called surgical mistake that caused Chu Jiang to become a human vegetable, is the contemptible media’s complete fabrication.

After all, while doing the surgery, the area that Ye Huai was treating, if it was not the ribs it was the shanks, both which don’t have half a dime to do with a person becoming comatose.

However, this news has already been on the newspaper’s front headlines for three days. The higher ups ordered that the hospital needs to quickly settle this matter.

The hospital’s Director Shen saw Ye Huai enter, in his heart he was also somewhat nervous. This doctor-patient problem has long been a large part of social conflicts, even if he understands that this young man is not in the wrong, the impact of this incident on the hospital is too great, he has no choice but to give up a rook to save the king.

He was already prepared for a long talk, but he did not think that when he only said two sentences, Ye Huai would interrupt: “Director, you can directly tell me how the hospital has decided to deal with me, I am already mentally prepared.”

“…..after discussing, the hospital decided to allow you to take a long break. Wait until things ease up before returning to work.” Director Shen said, this was the best case scenario that he could fight for him already.

Director Shen watched Ye Huai somewhat concernedly, worried that he, in the prime of his youth, was displeased at the way the hospital handled the problem. Who knew that Ye Huai was not so, but instead was calmly laughing, removing the white lab coat hanging from the back of the guest professor’s chair, coolly accepting the hospital’s decision.

“From 18 years old entering medical school till now, it been 10 years already, just nice I can rest for a while.” Ye Huai said, then turned around to exit the office. Even a little indignation and reluctance to leave was not there.

Ye Huai reached home, then sat down on his sofa.

He took out his hand phone, on it displayed the current time. It showed that it was 18:32 in the afternoon. He looked out of the window at the sky, how long has it been since he had nothing to do, just like now?

What to do next? Suddenly leaving the ultra-fast paced life of a surgeon, Ye Huai at the moment had no idea what to do.

How about going out to play?

He heard that Chongqing city and Chengdu province’s gay bar is number one in the country. Hong Kong men dressing in western-style suits are also very sexy. Or should he go abroad to see those tall Northern European men with their long legs. Or go to Latin America, there is plenty of sunshine and ethnic diversity there. Also, there is no shortage of mixed-blooded handsome men full to bursting with vitality.

He just opened the travel app, but who knew the phone screen would suddenly flash two times, becoming all white. On it a few big words were typed out in succession: Do you want to start this game?

Below were only two options, yes and no.

Ye Huai pressed the lock screen button, yet the above characters remained unmoved. So he just clicked “yes”.

Host Ye Huai, male, 28 years old, information scanning is completed. You have successfully bonded to System 520, save the world task set is coming soon, countdown to the start of the task, 10、9、8、……”

A steady mechanical sound sounded in his ear. Ye Huai had no time to find the source of the sound, countdown has already reached zero.

Ye Huai’s vision blacked, losing consciousness.


“Hello host, are you awake? You are not awake yet? Hurry up and wake up!” Ye Huai was awakened by a voice from the deep darkness. The sound was right next to his ear, it had a weird metallic tone, incessantly chattering non stop, annoying him till he can’t die in peace.

“Host, you finally awaken. I am your system, I am called 520. Please take care of me.” 520 was full of vitality. This is the first task it has received since it was born, so it was using enthusiasm in a bid to get along well with its host.

Ye Huai clutched his head while getting up, his entire body was in so much pain that it felt like he was going to fall apart. Still had that person who called himself 520 prattling on nonstop, being so noisy for so many minutes until his brain was about to burst.

“Shut up, so noisy.” Ye Huai lowly shouted, massaging his aching skull. He suddenly realized that his hand does not feel quite right.

He looked at his hand, then touched his face again. Why does both seem to have shrunk a bit?

520 felt a little aggrieved, why are other people’s hosts both sweet and soft, also knowing how to sell meng. But its family’s host, before even starting, he already wants it to shut up? Bao Bao feels so wronged.

“That……Ye Huai, hello.” 520 summoned its courage, talking once again, “I am your system, 520, please take care of me.”

This time, Ye Huai no longer cared that it was noisy, because he has already discovered that something is not quite right. The place that he is living in is small and narrow, this is definitely not his room.

Don’t tell him that he was kidnapped by the crazy fans of that King of the Silver Screen? Ye Huai thought.

“Hai, its not a kidnapping, you crossed over.” 520 said. It then spent half an hour explaining to Ye Huai about his current plight.

Ye Huai patiently listened till he prattled finish. He finally understood his current situation. He was sadly bound to a world jumping system called 520. Furthermore, he had the responsibility to complete a mission to save the world, only then can he smoothly return to the real world.

“What if I don’t accept?” Ye Huai asked.

“But you already accepted it.” 520 innocently said. When the host answered the question on the phone he clearly picked yes.

Ye Huai then remembered that strange question, “Fuck!” He unconsciously cursed for a moment. Sure enough, when people are unlucky, even drinking cool water can make the teeth crack.

“That……uncle host, scolding bad words is not good. Your hero points will drop.”520 weakly said. Why did his host sound so fierce? Cries, Bao Bao is scared.

This bullshit unlucky thing, even foul language it also needed to control, Ye Huai silently cursed.

Ye Huai: “What are hero points?”

“It is the experience gained during the mission. You can use that to exchange for the items you want with the system.” 520 dutifully explained.

“What can be changed?” Ye Huai asked. He already knows that the system is bound to his consciousness. He doesn’t need to open his mouth, he can just talk to it in his consciousness.

“It’s very good, whatever you need, you can tell me. I will help you search for it in the database.” 520 said.

Ye Huai nodded his head, “Then what is my first task?”

“First one ah, aiya, you wait a while……” 520 said. After that, Ye Huai heard the sounds of bells jingling. Finally, there was a large chunk of memories that appeared in his mind.

This world is similar to Ye Huai’s world in the area of technology and business.

Ye Huai’s current name is Ouyang Qing, 23 years old. He made a mobile game together with some friends in college so he is considered young but successful. Due to this, he did not look for a job when he graduated. He intended to continue running the mobile game company. However, a large IT company dug away two of their team’s backbones. In addition, plagiarism of their mobile game idea was coming in from all directions. Once on the shelves, it became popular across the country.

This IT company’s president was named He Luo. He would be engaged to Xiao Mingyu, the daughter of a senior official of the city, tomorrow. This He Luo, in his teens, was already mingling with the upper echelons. In his early years, he was in the real estate market and earned a large sum. Moreover, at that time, he was married to the daughter of a high official, allowing him to mix in to A city smoothly.

Later, that senior official toppled. So, he decisively divorced his previous wife, seeking refuge with the Xiao Family. The Xiao Family just came to A city, so He Luo, this tyrant, clicked with them. He thought of the idea to be related to an official by marriage again.

Following the original plot line, He Luo and Xiao Mingyuhad a political union. After their marriage, they would each mind their own business. After their son is born, they would each live completely separate lives. Their only child will grow up in such a twisted family and get involved in the black market, becoming a big shot in the underworld. Finally in a confrontation with Interpol, he would mobilize a nuclear weapon, starting a global war on nuclear weapons.

Ultimately, the planet would be destroyed by the nuclear war, resulting in human extinction.

“Politics|a political union destroyed the world ah.” Ye Huai just read finish the melodramatic plot in his mind. He whistled, “What am I supposed to do?”

520: “Prevent this child from being born, save the world.”

Ye Huai: “So exciting?”

520: “That’s right. Uncle host, you are now Ouyang Qing. Please be sure to maintain his original character in front of outsiders. Going out of character would result in your hero points dropping!”

Ouyang Qing has an honest personality with a bit of a social barrier. Other than writing programs and playing games, he does not really excel in anything else.

Ye Huai lazily answered with a hum,. He turned one round in his room. Such a typical male gamer’s room. Instant noodles and games occupied half of the room, the other half occupied by his treasured computers.

Ye Huai hung around for about half a day. He finally found a full-length mirror behind a cabinet door, intending to see how he looks like now.

“What the hell, what is this?” Ye Huai thought that he, at the operation table, was already used to see ugly scenes. Long ago, before Mount Tai collapsed, he did not care much about beauty, but did not want to so easily destroy his achievement.

“What happened, whats wrong? Uncle host, are you okay?” 520 also shouted. Even when Ye Huai first found out that he crossed worlds, he was still unperturbed by the situation. So what exactly happened now that made him lose control like this?

“What is this? A walking pile of ribs?” Ye Huai asked pointing to his own body, “This type of figure you also dare to give me? This face also, the dark circles has been accumulating for how many years already!”

520: “Cough cough, uncle host please pay attention to your words. This is your second warning. Any more foul language and I will have to deduct your hero points.”

Ye Huai words “Your uncle” became stuck in his throat, obeying for thirty seconds before opening again, “Give me another body.”

520: “Sorry, the body is assigned by the task, I do not have permission to change.”

“Then you make him look better, I will use my hero points.” Ye Huai said.

520: “Sorry, that is an advanced system-only feature, I do not have a high enough grade yet.”

Ye Huai’s eye twitched, it felt like he was cheated——a mouthful of hypocrisy, the crucial moment is gone. “What can you do then?”

520: “I have a skipping rope here, it can be exchanged for one hundred hero points.”

“Your Uncle!” Ye Huai finally did not hold back, sending his greetings to his family’s  elder, the system.

520,” Beep, the host, due to inappropriate language, deduction of 10 hero points. There are 90 hero points remaining.”

Ye Huai finally experienced the system’s incisiveness, this time, even that rope, he also cannot obtain. What can he use to salvage his body?

“Are there any other things? 90 points and below.” Ye Huai stubbornly forced down the scolding in his heart, patiently asking his system.

520: “There is nothing already. The rope is the most basic fitness equipment. Each jump is equivalent to running two hundred meters or doing thirty push-ups, results can be seen very quickly with no side effects.”

“So magical?” Ye Huai could not help but regret a little bit.

520: “That is of course, everything in the system’s store is good! Your initial 100 hero points, if during the mission, there were any violations, they would be deducted as penalty. Also, when the task is completed or there is any special contribution, there will be a corresponding reward. Hero points can be used to redeem items or upgrade the system.

“What grade are you?” Ye Huai remembered that the system just told him that the its level was not high enough.

520: “I am a newborn system, no level yet.”

Ye Huai: “……@#¥%……&*#”



Quack means phony or fake, basically they are calling Ye Huai a fake doctor.

Weibo is a platform in China that acts like facebook and WeChat is a mobile text and voice messaging service developed by Tencent that many people in China use.

En is a sound that represents “okay”

Half a dime means nothing to do with

give up a rook to save the king means to abandon the lackey for the greater good.

Meng means cuteness, like moe.

Bao Bao means darling or baby.

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