SSTWT: The president’s personal assistant(2)

“System, has Xiao Mingyu and He Luo come yet?” At Xiao-He, these two people’s engagement banquet was Ye Huai. He was dressed in a waiter’s uniform, leaning against the wall lazily.

520; “I refuse to talk to you.”

“Isn’t it just a piece of clothing, why are you still angry?” Ye Huai asked, flabbergasted. He wanted to enter this party. So he made 520 help him sneak into the employee lounge in the basement, smoothly wearing a staff’s uniform.

“You actually made me help you to steal things!” 520 yelled angrily.

” Once I am done using it, I will return it. Moreover, I left my clothes in there, this is not called stealing, this is a loan.” Ye Huai said in his consciousness.

520: “……I won’t talk to you anymore.”

“Tsk, darling 520, where is your professionalism?” Ye Huai said.

“Ah Ah Ah, Xiao Mingyu is applying her makeup upstairs. He Luo is on his way here. Also, don’t call me that, so disgusting!” 520 shouted loudly in Ye Huai’s consciousness.

“Don’t shout, I’m going to go deaf soon.” Ye Huai rubbed his ear. He hoped that there will be no side effects. “Who is that person? So tall!” Ye Huai lifted his chin, raising it in the direction where, not far from him, right beside the door, stood a gloomy faced man. That man’s stature was very tall. Despite wearing a smile at the corner of his mouth, he was exuding a strange, murderous aura.

520: “Xiao Mingyu’s boyfriend, no, ex-boyfriend, Lin Jie. They just broke up.”

Ye Huai: “Don’t tell me……Xiao Ling Ling, you are so smart, you know everything.”

This is the first time 520 has heard of this nickname so it froze, stunned.  It then mustered its strength, preparing to give its host a payback.

“Do not talk first.” Ye Huai said in his consciousness. Then, following the crowd, he turned to gaze at the main entrance of the banquet hall.

520 instantly forgot what just happened. It followed Ye Huai in paying attention to the entrance of the banquet hall.

“Who is that?” All the women in the banquet hall seemed to have gathered at the entrance at the same time. Ye Huai stretched his neck but still could not see the person surrounded by all those women, “Celebrity?”

520: “Its not, its Da Zhe conglomerate’s Yu Xinze.”

“So that is Yu Xinze?” In the banquet hall, there were a few, more reserved ladies. They were talking together in group of twos and threes, allowing Ye Huai to hear a few words.

“Yes, that is Da Zhe conglomerate’s President, Yu Xinze. He is so much better than that He Luo.”

“Shhhh, be careful that you don’t get overheard by Xiao Mingyu. That Miss Xiao is quite self-centered.”

“Yu Xinze ah! At 16 years old, his parents passed away. He relied on his extraordinary perseverance and talent to hold up his small family business. Furthermore, in a matter of 10 years, he expanded into the international market! He is both handsome and rich. Also, there is no father-in-law to look out for. This type of a catch, who would’nt want to marry?”

Yu Xinze finally escaped from the women’s encirclement. Ye Huai finally saw his appearance. A tall stature with long legs, his body looked like an inverted triangle, he was a 100% gay.

“How many years have I not seen such a manly work of art already.” Ye Huai leaned against the wall and used his eyes to give the man a once-over, looking at him up and down.

Yu Xinze was initially talking to someone beside him. He swept a look at the multitude of young ladies around him out of the corner of his eyes, sweeping all the way to a single person.

The man who was wearing a waiter’s uniform yet lazily leaning against the wall slacking away, looking at him up and down without any hesitation. As if he was a cat lying in wait for prey, currently considering whether he has the qualifications to be his next big meal.

Yu Xinze coldly glanced, however, that person was not afraid. Instead, he smiled at him friendly.

Seriously a child who is not afraid to die. Yu Xinze did not want to cause any trouble so he moved away his line of sight and started talking to the people around him.

“Did he see me?” Ye Huai reminisced the look in Yu Xinze’s eyes just now, “His facial structure is not bad. He has a high nose and deep eyes. It’s a shame that he did not try becoming a celebrity.”

“Beep, 50 hero points deducted due to the host going out of character. There are 40 hero points remaining. If the hero points go below zero, the mission will be immediately declared a failure.” 520’s merciless voice sounded in Ye consciousness.

Ye Huai awakened from his dream. Holding his hungry belly, he entered the pantry, lighting himself a cigarette. This cigarette was what he has just discovered in the uniform. Ye Huai smoked the cigarette in the pantry for a long time. He also found an oak barrel filled with red wine.

Deserving to be the big shot’s engagement banquet, this barrel of wine should be worth a lot, right? Ye Huai patted that sturdy barrel, deeply moved.

“This is a barrel of wine that has been aged since the year Xiao Mingyu was born, it just came from France today.” 520 said.

“Birthday wine? Let me try a bit.” Ye Huai took a wine glass and opened the wooden tap on the oak barrel, pouring out a little bit of the wine. The red wine flowed into the transparent goblet, bringing out the fragrance of France.

Ye Huai took a sip, then smacked his lips, “Good acerbity, unpleasant taste.”

520: “……”

He changed to another cup, then ran to the door, looking around for a moment. He Luo and Xiao Mingyu have both arrived, so he walked to the main table.

Ye Huai looked at the cup, thinking for a moment, then asked 520, “Do you have any laxatives?”

520; “What do you need laxatives for?”

Ye Huai: “To do the task.”

520: “……I have, one bag for 40 points.”

Ye Huai: “Are you a bandit? I only have 40 points left!”

520: “So before you earn any more hero points, you cannot say any bad words or go out of character then. Otherwise it is immediately considered that you failed the mission.”

Ye Huai: “……” You win.

Ye Huai got the package of laxatives worth forty points. He carefully opened it, then placed it into the wine glass. Ye Huai filled the glass with red wine, then lifted and carried the tray out of the pantry.

520: “What are you planning to do?”

Ye Huai: “Let He Luo drink this, then he will stay squatting in the toilet during the announcement of the engagement. If the male lead is not there, this marriage will be cancelled.”

520: “It’s only a trip to the toilet, he can still come back……”

Ye Huai: “Just now that person said already,  Xiao Mingyu is quite self-centered, how can such a proud person tolerate losing face at her own engagement party? The two might as well break up, they don’t even connect well together.”

Ye Huai just finished speaking in his consciousness and was carrying around the tray. He was looking for He Luo, just missing a few steps before reaching He Luo’s side. At this moment, someone came over to have a few words with He Luo. Just nice, he was blocking Ye Huai’s close view of He Luo.

Ye Huai: “Who is this red-haired dude?”

520: “His trusted aide, Wu Huan.”

Ye Huai bypassed Wu Huan and approached He Luo from the other side.

Yu Xinze just finished chatting with a potential partner, and wanted to head towards the main star of today’s banquet to congratulate him. He swung around with a turn that was a little wide, not expecting to get hit by a glass of red wine.

A lady exclaimed briefly. A lot of attention was cast over to Ye Huai and Yu Xinze direction from their surroundings.

Yu Xinze directly crashed into Ye Huai’s raised tray and wine.

At present, his face was covered with red wine and he even drank a small sip of it. His light-colored shirt also stained by the wine.

“Sor…Sorry.” Ye Huai’s heart jumped, but soon calmed down. However, in order to not go out of character, he immediately gave a panicked look and bowed apologetically.

Yu Xinze took the handkerchief handed over by an assistant, he recognized Ye Huai at a glance——It was the waiter who sized him up before.

Yu Xinze casually rubbed his face, one hand grabbing hold of Ye Huai’s thin and delicate wrist.

When Ye Huai was grabbed, his heart tightened, thinking that he was done for, the mission has failed. The emcee on stage has already finished speaking and the lights have been darkened. Everyone refocused their attention, watching as a heaven-made pair took to the stage.

“You, come with me.” There seemed to be flames dancing in Yu Xinze’s eyes. He pulled Ye Huai along in a rampage,  walking towards the door to get outside.

“Yu Xinze temper is this big?” In his consciousness, Ye Huai asked 520 incredulously. He even thought that the man who could raise such a successful company would definitely be very composed.

“Usually it’s not so, but you gave him laxatives ah.” 520 said. Looking at his host’s panic-stricken expression, it felt a little excitement!

Laxatives? Ye Huai was strongly dragged out by Yu Xinze, walking foward. He fumbled as he took out the packet of laxatives from his pocket.

It said: Let him use me as a way to vent|The drug of Desire (Only effective if fed with your own hand)

On the other side, two words were written, laxative.

Just now, Ye Huai only saw this side.

“You cheated me!” Ye Huai put the package back into his pocket, Yu Xinze has just thrown him into the elevator.

“I did not, you are the one that said you wanted laxatives. These are laxatives ah, is this not what you were referring to? If its not this, I have nothing else already……”520’s mutterings were not finished yet whan Ye Huai was dragged into the top floor’s executive suite by the crazy Yu Xinze.

“Aiyo, I’ll leave first.” After 520 finished speaking, it became quiet.

Ye Huai was left with nothing on after a while due to the Ye Xinze, who was still under the effects of the drug. Afterwards, he was tormented this way and that way, then tormented that way and this way till his voice became hoarse.

“Xiao Ling Ling, are you there?” He tossed about the whole night. Yu Xinze tiredly slept the whole night away. Ye Huai, while lying prone on the bed, cried out for 520 with his ass leaking out fluids.

“If you don’t call me Xiao Ling Ling, then I am here.” 520 said.

Pu, my Xiao Ling Ling is so cute.” Ye Huai moved with difficulty. This body has a serious lack of exercise. At this moment, his whole boday felt very sore.

“……The engagement banquet has already ended, ” 520 said. When its host was busy with his night life, it switched perspectives to observe what happened. The scene looked so luxurious, looking at the scene even made it, an AI, want to get married.

“Tsk, it seems like this matter is not so easily resolved.” Ye Huai propped up from the bed, walking quietly on his tiptoes to get out of the bed so that he could wear his clothes, slipping out of the room.

“What to do with Yu Xinze? You can’t just go to bed with him and then leave afterwards. It’s too irresponsible.” 520 righteously said.

“Wake up, this bro is the one that was put on the spot to go to bed with him okay?” But his technique is not bad, he’s naturally gifted too.

Ye Hua entered the elevator, locating the staff lounge to get a change of clothes.

Then he dragged his exhausted body out to the main street, intending to flag down a cab. Ye Huan was used to smoking a cigarette after sex, so he took out the cigarette case, then he discovered that, it seems like something is not quite right?

He touched his pocket again, he has no money!



Laxative is made up of two characters in chinese: 泻药

Pu is the sound of escaping laughter

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