SSTWT: The president’s personal assistant(3)

Ye Huai smoked a cigarette while walking slowly back towards his home.

520: “Are you intending to walk back? Your home is 25 kilometers away from here ah. How long do you have to walk? I can bet that the sun would rise before you reach home! Your current walking speed is at three kilometers per hour. If you maintain this speed, it will take you about 8.333333333 hours to travel the whole distance. Furthermore……”

Ye Huai: “You are so noisy.”

520: “I am just concerned about my host.”

Ye Huai: “Why not you help me think of a way to obtain a car?”

520: “What? A car is coming!”

Ye Huai looked back. A pair of headlights flashed, illuminating his body with the light. He quickly raised his hand to block the piercing light. The car stopped in front of him. Ye Huai peeked through his fingers, looking at the driver with difficulty.

Yu Xinze stumbled from the door, stepping forward to grab Ye Huai, “Where are you going?”

Ye Huai’s wrist was pinched and it was extremely painful. He squinted, trying to escape the piercing light. He could not stand the fact that Yu Xinze was standing in his original position motionlessly.

“President Yu, can we not stand here? The light is blinding me.” Ye Huai said in a low voice. His head was down to avoid the glaring headlights.

Yu Xinze was standing with his back against the light. To him, Ye Huai’s appearance was extremely clear under the light. When they were at the hotel just now, Ye Huai was still wearing the waiter’s uniform. By now, he has already changed into his own clothes. His already thin body looks even more delicate now.

However, Yu Xinze still remembers his disheveled look when he was on the bed. Also, the look on his face when he was unable to bear it anymore and released □□ sounds. That and Ye Huai’s present appearance formed a strange contrast.

“We just finished and you want to go?” Yu Xinze pulled Ye Huai in front of himself. The child obediently walked forward two steps, almost like he wanted to enter his embrace.

“President Yu, I……” Ye Hua bit his lip, hesitant. He wanted Yu Xinze to send him home, on the account that he has slept with him before. However, this deviates a bit from Ouyang Qing’s personality.

Yu Xinze was patiently waiting in place. Since the moment they met, this child has already shown several different appearances. He’d really like to see, what other faces does Ye Huai have that he does not know of yet?

“I did not bring any money, I cannot go home. Can you lend me some money?” Ye Huai said. He was blown by the cold wind just now, so his voice was a little nasal.

However, this soft, nasal tone, to Yu Zinze, sounded like a spoiled kitten extending its claws, lightly scratching, making him feel a little itchy.

“Cannot.” Yu Xinze said. He has not figured out who this person is yet. Where is the logic in letting him go home so easily? Yu Xinze used strength, dragging Ye Huai along back to the side of the car, then pushed him into the front passenger seat.

Ye Huai’s wrist was pinched, he also stumbled a bit before entering the car, hitting his knees. Yu Xinze did not have even a single expression as forcefully put him in the front passenger seat. He then slammed the door shut with a ‘peng’ soung.

What a rough man. Yu Huai silently criticized.

Yu Xinze entered the driver’s seat and started the car. He turned his head to look at Ye Huai. The child was sitting in the passenger’s seat uneasily, his fingers running back and forth across the seat belt. From time to time, he awkwardly adjusted his posture.

Yu Xinze let go of the handbrake. The car drove smoothly on the road, driving straight to his apartment.

Once the car reached a high speed, Ye Huai turned to gaze out the window, like he dared not look at Yu Xinze. In fact, he was scared that staying alone with Yu Xinze for long would result in him being exposed, so he might as well prevent him from seeing his expressions.

Ye Huai was nervous, then he remembered his little system, “Xiao Ling Ling, Xiao Ling Ling are you there?”

520: ” Do not call me Xiao Ling Ling, I am not Xiao Ling Ling!”

Ye Huai: “It is just a name, you do not need to be so offended. Where is Yu Xinze driving to right now?”

520: “His house.” It was already speechless. It’s host is always giving it a variety of surprises.

Ye Huai: “I knew it!”

Ye Hua said these three words, then stopped speaking. 520 waited for half the day, but did not see even a single syllable, and in desperation, spoke again.

520: “What do you mean I knew it? Don’t speak halfway then stop, do you know that it is very annoying?”

Ye Huai: “You do not understand? When he went to bed with me today, it was very obvious that he was under a drug. Who was the one who drugged him? When was he drugged? I am the only lead, yet until now, he still does not even know my name. So, obviously he cannot let me escape back home. It is midnight already, tomorrow morning he will definitely send someone to thoroughly investigate me.”

520: “So it’s like this.”

Ye Huai: “There is one more important thing.”

520: “What is it?”

Ye Huai: “My technique is too superb, he cannot let me go.”

520: Narcissism is a disease, you have become ill.

At midnight, the highway was deserted. Yu Xinze sped the whole way and soon entered his house’s garage.

“Get out.” Yu Xinze pushed down the hand breaks, switching off the engine. This was the only words that he has said to Ye Huai since they entered the car.

“Where is this?” Ye Huai looked around. All around were parked cars, this is an underground garage.

“This is my house’s basement garage.” Yu Xinze said.

Ye Huai unbuckled his safety belt, unless necessary, he remained unusually silent.

Yu Xinze led Ye Huai upstairs. He does not visit this apartment often so there are no confidential documents about his company here. He was at ease bringing Ye Huai here.

“Are you hungry?” After entering the house, Yu Xinze personally brought Ye Huai a pair of slippers. This apartment had no housekeeper. There are only cleaners that come regularly every week. Other than that, most of the time this place is vacant.

“En.” Ye Hua nodded honestly. He was busy the whole night, he also done a lot of exercise, he had long felt famished.

Yu Xin Ze rummaged through the kitchen, finding two packets of instant noodles, “Do you know how to cook instant noodles?”

“Yes.” Ye Huai said, he touched the cigarette in his pocket, but thinking for a while, he endured.

“You cook it.” Yu Xinze handed the noodles to him. He brought him into the kitchen, roughly telling him where everything is stored. Then, he walked towards the balcony with his cellphone in hand.

Ye Huai vaguely guessed that he was calling someone to investigate him. He did not expect that in the middle of the night, he was still so dedicated. This is indeed the man who has expanded his business internationally within a decade.

Ye Huai was too lazy to care about his little actions. If he wants to investigate then let him investigate bah, he will not find anything anyways.

Ye Huai took a pot out from the place Yu Xinze told him it was at and started boiling the water, concentrating on cooking his instant noodles. Also, he took out the remaining two eggs from the refrigerator and lavishly placed them into the pot.

He cooked both packs. However, when it was finished cooking, he realized that there were no bowls big enough. He might as well hold the pot and eat directly from it.

During duty rotation, Ye Huai had once spent 3 months in the hospital’s emergency room. Since then, he developed the habit of finishing his meals very quickly, falling asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow and also the supreme skill of waking up in a second if there is work to be done.

So when Yu Xinze returned after his two calls, the pot in front of Ye Huai was already emptied.

“Where is my portion?” Yu Xinze stopped beside Ye Huai.

Ye Huai looked up at him, blinked, “You did not say that you wanted to eat ah.”

“You ate everything? Two packets?” Yu Xinze gnashed his teeth. He also did not eat much that night. When the banquet just started, he was already dragging Ye Huai away to engage in some exercise, now his stomach was totally empty.

“En.” Ye Huai nodded frankly. Anyway, his character is of a socially challenged gamer. How could this socially challenged gamer be so considerate as to cook noodles for others?

Of course not possible ah. He just wants to eat his noodles without any comments!

Ye Huai used a piece of tissue to wipe his mouth and burped unbridled, enjoying the satisfaction of ignoring other people’s feelings and the feeling of having the whole bowl of noodles to himself.

Yu Xinze’s hungry and resentful eyes almost wanted to bore a hole into him. However, Ye Huai turned around, acting particularly innocent、asking shyly, “President Yu, can I go home yet?”

“Cannot.” Yu Xinze gritted his teeth, as it turns out, he thinks that he invited him over just to eat some noodles?

Yu Xinze spent all his self-control, stopping himself from laying hands on Ye Huai. Instead, he pushed him into the nearby guest room.

“Without my permission, you are not allowed to leave this room.” Yu Xinze finished speaking, then slammed the door close. Afterwards, Ye Huai heard the door being locked from the outside.

520: “Just now, Yu Xinze went to investigate you.”

Ye Huai: “What did he find?”

520: “He has not found anything yet, he still does not even know your name. So he sent people to start checking from the list of hotel employees.”

Ye Huai: “Then won’t he be disappointed. In fact, he can just ask me directly. I am very forgiving towards skilled men.”

520: “……” It feels like every time I talk to him, I am tainting my three views.

“I am going to sleep.” Ye Huai dug into his blankets, once he finished talking to 520 these three words, he fell asleep in seconds.


I am going to sleep is three words in Chinese.

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