SSTWT: The president’s personal assistant(4)

The morning sun shined through the curtains into the room, Ye Huai turned over and stretched lazily, burying himself within the covers.

520: “Host, host, hurry wake up.”

Ye Huai covered his face, ignoring. Yesterday night, he kept tossing and turning, this body is so thin and emaciated, its not used to any exercise at all. Right now, even if there were a hundred emergency calls, he also would not be willing to get up.

520: “Hurry get up, Yu Xinze is coming!”

“Who?” Ye Huai opened his eyes and unconsciously shouted.

“Me.” Yu Xinze stood at the end of the bed, looking at the person who was suddenly awakened. “Your sixth sense is quite good, En?”

Ye Huai felt a quiver climb up and wrapping around his whole body, “How did you come in?”

“This is my apartment.” Yu Xinze sat down at the end of the bed. He got up early at five today for his usual two hour work out. Afterwards, he thought to wake that brat up but was unconsciously charmed by how he looked while asleep. Just nice, it is 7:30am right now.

Ye Huai hugged the blankets, sitting up on the bed. In his consciousness, he was throwing a temper towards 520 “Xiao Ling Ling, What am I supposed to do? My appearance right now is definitely very ugly! Will he not be able to get it up next time after seeing me like this? My sex life ah, why did you not wake me up earlier?”

520: “……I already tried to wake you up half an hour ago, you did not wake up.”

Ye Huai: “Impossible, I am a person that has done emergency room duty before!”

520: “You said that even if there were a hundred emergency calls, you still would not get up.”

Ye Huai: “……”

Yu Xinze patiently waited for him to finish his temper tantrum. Last night, he thought that the brat would deliberately cause trouble for him, really did not expect him to obediently sleep till the sunrise. He cannot help but think that everything yesterday was just a misunderstanding, that nobody was setting a trap for him.

When all was said and done, who would use a brat that does not yet know the ways of the world to set him up? Also, he did not show him even a little bit of attitude.

Yu Xinze thought of last night’s instant noodles again, making his stomach even hungrier.

“What is your name?” Yu Xinze softened his voice. On Ye Huai’s neck was a hickey that he left last night that is very obvious on the white skin. Just one look and his body recalled the surging desire from last night | expectant.

“Ouyang……Qing” Ye Huai anxiously clutched the corner of the blankets, saying somewhat stupidly.

“There is no need to be nervous.” Yu Xinze said, ” First get up, breakfast has been delivered.”

Ye Huai followed Yu Xinze’s directions to the bathroom. After washing up, he dressed in the new clothes prepared for him, then copied Yu Xinze’s actions and sat down at the table.

Lu Tezhu was called to Yu Xinze’s apartment this early in the morning, in addition, he was ordered to bring breakfast for two. At first, he thought that out of both of them, one has finally found a girlfriend. Unexpectedly, he saw Yu Xinze pull a boy out of the room.

This is really a boy ah, his frame is not big, face is small and white, the only thing big was his eyes. Lu Tezhu was full of restlessness and a little curiosity.

President unexpectedly likes this type? On one hand, Lu Tezhu helped set up the breakfast for the two, on the other, his heart was silently criticizing.

The breakfast on the table was very rich, shrimp dumplings、porridge、fritters、soy milk、pancakes and fruit juice, along with coffee and bread. Yu Xinze did not specifically tell him what to buy so Lu Tezhu might as well help him buy a little bit of everything.

“You go downstairs and wait for me in the car.” Yu Xinze handed Ye Huai a cup of soy milk, commanding Lu Tezhu.

“Yes.” Lu Tezhu quickly withdrew.

After the door closed, Yu Xinze quietly drank his coffee while eating breakfast, looking at Ye Huai from time to time.

When Ye Huai drank the soy milk, his stomach felt a little uncomfortable, making him retch a bit.

“Are you feeling ill?” Yu Xinze asked.

“En. I cannot handle any food in the morning.” Ye Huai said. He concluded that this body’s stomach is not very good. If there is not enough time in the morning to wake up slowly, he will not be able to eat anything.

Yu Xinze did not say any more superfluous words, just taking care to drink his coffee and eat his breakfast. After a while, the breakfast meant for two people all seemed to have entered his stomach.

“If you do not wish to eat then let us have a talk.” Yu Xinze readily finished the rest of the food, throwing the containers all into the trash, then sat opposite to Ye Huai, sharp eyes locked onto him.

“En.” Ye Huai replied sulkily. This chair is not very comfortable, his waist is still sore.

“What did you drug me with yesterday? When did that happen?” Yu Xinze asked.

Ye Huai looked up in surprise, he took a long time before recovering his voice, “I did not, I did not drug you.”

“Yesterday my behavior was obviously under the effects of a drug, just say it, who sent you over? What is your motive for making me sleep with you, what did he make you get from me?” Yu Xinze did not give him even a little bit of respite, one question after another, directly pounding into Ye Huai.

“I, I did not……President Yu, I am just a waiter, I……” Ye Huai still wanted to defend himself, but Yu Xinze directly interrupted him.

“I checked the hotel’s waiter’s list, there was no one called Ouyang Qing.” Yu Xinze said. Last night, he made Lu Tezhu help check, getting the list early this morning. He only asked Ye Huai for his name after looking at the list, but the name that he mentioned was not on it.

Ye Huai became speechless, not expecting Yu Xinze to act so fast.

“Just say it, what are you trying to do?” Yu Xinze’s voice was low, he has already seen through that this Ouyang Qing, that he has little social experience, perhaps it is because he has just graduated. So he patiently guided him, “Speak it out clearly, I will not make things difficult for you. Have you encountered some sort of difficulty? Or are there people threatening you?”

“Don’t have.” Ye Huai said, his heart was harsh, expressing a very pitiful expression, “The company that I founded with my classmates was destroyed by He Luo, I am taking revenge against him!”

Yu Xinze was surprised for a moment, he just thought that the other party was aiming for him. At this moment, when Ye Huai mentioned He Luo’s name, he suddenly remembered that yesterday, before he knocked into him, the wine was heading towards He Luo.

“Your retaliation is to make him go to bed with you?” He wanted to understand this part of the plan, Yu Xinze’s anger was slowly but violently soaring up. He just needed to think of how the person tossing|turning|groaning|moaning under him instead do so under He Luo to feel like giving a kick to He Luo’s head.

“No, it’s not” Ye Huai’s face went red, “That packet of drugs was given to me by my buddy, but the wrong one was given……”

Yu  Xinze raised his eyebrows, “What kind of drug were you originally going to give him?”

“Laxative.” Ye Huai answered truthfully.

When Yu Xinze listened, he did not tense up, but instead laughed.

Ye Huai secretly glanced at him. Sure enough, good looking people look good regardless of what they do, Yu Xinze has such a face. He was only releasing a slight smile yet his whole face seemed to be glowing.

He moved his line of sight down a little, finally focusing on Yu Xinze’s thigh.

“Were you hurt last night?” Yu Xinze suddenly asked.

Ye Huai choked, big brother, you change topics too fast bah!

Yu Xinze probably also realized that the question he asked was too abrupt, so he swiftly changed the subject, “What are you doing right now?”

“Playing games.” Ye Huai said. He searched through the original owner’s memories. After their mobile game idea had been plagiarized, the party that copied their idea fabricated a lot of remarks on the internet, totally inverting black and white, leading away many players. Later, with great difficulty, they managed to pull in the B round of investment, but because of that same company, it fizzled out too. In the end, two of the company’s backbones job-hopped, resulting in their small company completely collapsing.

Ouyang Qing’s company’s name was ruined and ceased to exist. So, he dwelled in his house day and night playing games, in the end, he died suddenly due to a stroke. Afterwards, Ye Huai then crossed over, making the company his now.

“I still lack a personal assistant, twenty-four hours on call, no rest all year round, and required to eat and live with me too.” Yu Xinze, “The salary will certainly be better than any other job around.”

Is this you trying to provide for me? Ye Huai was astonished.

Yu Xinze saw his expression and naturally thought that he was scared by the unexpected invitation, so he slowed his tone, “Of course, there is still annual leave, just inform me when you want to go on holiday”

“But……I did not learn this (in school)” Ye Huai especially wanted to agree immediately but he was not allowed to go out character, he must first make his position clear.

“It is not a problem, you can learn.” Yu Xinze said, “If you do not have any more questions then follow me to my company today for the induction.”

“This fast?” Ye Huai hesitated.

“If you agree, I can help you in the problem between you and He Luo.” Ye Xinze continued, he did not dare to speak too certainly. Exactly what happened between them, he still has to find someone to check.

“Deal.” Ye Huai’s eyes brightened, there is hope in completing his mission now!


Inverting black and white is an idiom meaning to purposely distort the truth and to misrepresent facts.

‘Provide for me’ – not really sure what the author means because it could also mean that Yu Xinze wants to keep/provide for Ye Huai as a mistress.

swis: Thanks to all the readers for all the support I have received so far! You guys are awesome. Do not hesitate to tell me if there are any improvements to be made.

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  1. Thank you for the chapther! I loved this novel and your translation is really good too! >°<
    Please keep with the good work. ♡♡


  2. Ohhhh!!! I already like this! Thabk you for the hardwork!!!

    The Gong said that tge job requires to eat and live with him, possessive much?

    Anyways like the interaction between them so sweet and the system and MC’s interaction are so funny af!
    System actually has a unique personality!

    I like the way this is going! MC living with his hubby while also plotting a revenge with hubby against the stealer!

    I like the MC he isn’t the typical i’m-so-pure-and-perfect OP Protagnist in a BL novel instead we got a funny and realistic Protagnist!

    Again thank you for the chapter!


  3. Wow. He acquired his golden thigh so fast and it was unintentional. This story is great along with the translation!

    Thank you very much!!!


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