SSTWT: The president’s personal assistant(5)

That morning, Yu Xinze took Ye Huai to the company to take his post as his personal assistant.

In reality, Yu Xinze actually allowed him to add a PS4 to his workplace and also gave him one of the newest models of game controllers, reminding, “You can play all the games inside, if you want buy any other games, just tell Tezhu, but there is a condition. You have to write a review for each game after playing it.”

Ye Huai froze for a moment, relying on the mental strength obtained from his many years working as a doctor, he got back his wits and quickly agreed. This job was like when the teacher allows the students to watch a movie during class, originally, it is a happy matter. However, the teacher then says to write about your impression of the movie after watching it. Immediately, they do not want to watch it anymore.

“Da Zhe conglomerate also does games?” Ye Huai did not remember this being in the memories he received.

“Our eCommerce platform is operating well, so we are preparing to expand into the network and mobile game industry and so we need to thoroughly understand this industry.” Yu Xinze briefly explained, “So your evaluation is very important, do it well.”

Yu Xinze finished speaking, then patted Ye Huai’s shoulder, further stressing its importance. Ye Huai was extremely cooperative and exposed an inexperienced and grateful look. The Yu Xinze, who felt like he saved Ye Huai’s spirit from going down the wrong path returned to his desk feeling extremely satisified in his heart.

Ye Huai: “Xiao Ling Ling, how do I play this game?”

When Ye Huai entered medical school, he completely quit all the hobbies that would waste his time, only smoking, this short past time was perfectly retained.

520: “I do not know. Host, you really intend to just play games here? Xiao Mingyu and He Luo has already successfully been engaged! If you do not hurry and stop them, they will soon get married and have a child!”

Ye Huai: “How long till they get married?”

520: “8 months, but she will already be pregnant during the wedding, she will conceive in about 5 months bah.”

Ye Huai: “It is long enough, just now, din’t Yu Xinze say that he was going to help?”

520: “But, he has not said how he was going to help ah?”

Ye Huai proficiently lit his cigarette, then opened a game with gunfights and zombies in it, however in his consciousness, he was helping 520 analyse, “He will not say how right now, because he still does not know what kind of grudge is between He Luo and I, he will send someone to investigate. He already knows my identity, so to check Ouyang Qing’s company and find out about the mobile game plagiarism issue will be easy. After waiting for him to know about this issue, there will naturally be plans to cooperate.”

Once Ye Huai finished saying this long chunk of words, he released a few rounds of gunshots, bursting a row of zombies, flesh and blood covered the screen.

“Nice!” Ye Huai’s left hand left the game’s controller, removing the cigarette dangling from his mouth, skillfully brushing off the ash, then placing the cigarette in his mouth again and continued to fight the zombies.

At this moment, some department supervisor came to Yu Xinze to report, the other was an able and intellectual 30-year-old woman. Just as she pushed open the door and entered, she saw that at one corner of the office, on the big screen, were pieces of flesh and blood flying. She was so shocked that she almost broke her high heels.

“What is the matter, just say.” Yu Xinze said, pulling her attention to him. Ye Huai was sitiing on the carpet with his back facing him, playing games, preoccupied, not even knowing that someone entered.

The female executive came back to her senses, and immediately started reporting to Yu Xinze. Only when she was out of the president’s office, she then put on an ‘to hell with it’ expression on her face.

This world-shaking gossip immediately spread all throughout Da Zhe conglomerate, even the auntie that sweeps the floors knows. The president brought back an air headed personal assistant, and at this moment, the assistant was smoking and playing games in the president’s office.

A total opposite to the conscientious Lu Tezhu, everybody could not help but cry tears of bitterness.

Ye Huai’s last three cigarettes were used up, just nice he had just passed the first level. He stood up and stretched, he has not wasted so much time on such activities for many years already. He looked at the empty cigarette box, and wanted to turn towards Yu Xinze to tell him to that he wanted to buy a pack from downstairs, but instead, he saw President Yu currently watching him.

“Eh, President Yu, is there a problem?” Ye Huai asked.

Yu Xinze admired the helpless hands and feet of the child opposite, in a good mood. He just read the information sent by Lu Tezhu, Ouyang Qing is quite young, yet his experience is quite rich.

When he was 5 years old, his parents got divorced, he stayed with his laid-off mother. Because of life’s constraints, his family’s depressing ambiance, along with various other reasons, it lead to him being introverted, even resulting in him having a little social disorder.

However, despite his lacking conversational skills, he knew how to work, towards the language of computers, he had a larger talent than other ordinary people. In college, he already managed to start a successful business, his first mobile game allowed him to make a small profit. If it was not because of He Luo unexpectedly moving one step faster, Ouyang Qing’s life afterwards should have been quite good.

Yu Xinze is also basically clear in what happened with He Luo. This has always been He Luo’s strategy, first seizing things by force, after things develop, he would use his capital to guide public opinions. Afterwards, he will use his power to stop the victim’s mouth, then give a little profit to keep the peace.

“Do you want to sue He Luo?” Yu Xinze asked Ye Huai.

“Want to.” Ye Huai was very straightforward. By bringing He Luo down, he is sure to find leads on He Luo’s and Xiao Family’s mutually beneficial relationship, allowing him to expose it. As long as the union of interests collapses, his and Miss Xiao’s marriage will not survive.

“Then how will you repay me?” Yu Xinze took the opportunity to tease him. Ye Huai is always giving him surprises, sometimes, he does not speak clearly, with his own unique immaturity. However, when talking about his own small company he becomes so colorful and bright, he is really an interesting person.

Sure enough, once Yu Xinze’s words came out, Ye Huai choked.

With Ye Huai’s nature, he would probably give him an analysis of their mutual interests, then distribute the benefits to reach a cooperation. If it is not enough, he could also promise to devote his life to him.

But according to Ouyang Qing’s methods, Ye Huai could only stand in place blushing, not a single word escaping.

Yu Xinze’s exhaustion from a whole morning’s work seemed to have disappeared, in such a good mood that he visibly brightened, he then allowed others to send in their food.

“Eat first, We can discuss these things later.” Yu Xinze said. Ye Huai walked stiffly to his big desk, finding the furthest position to sit down.

“That……I will go first to get a pack of cigarettes from downstairs.” After finishing his meal, Ye Huai touched his clothes pocket, reminding himself of this major crisis.

“Not allowed.” Yu Xinze finished his share, neatly packing the rest, waiting for someone to enter to take them away, “Smoking is bad for the body, you are not allowed to smoke anymore.”

“I……” Ye Huai jumped up to refute, and due to somebody, started speaking incoherently.

“I am your employer, if you let me see you smoking, I will deduct your wage.” Yu Xinze said.

Those last words are undoubtedly the common blood and tears of all office workers. This is extremely evil capitalism! Extremely evil Yu Xinze! Even if your skills in bed is very good, you still cannot stop me, your father, from smoking! Doctor Ye’s heart is going to explode.

“All your bonuses will also be deducted.” Yu Xinze added.

“How much is the bonus?” They did not discuss this when he signed the contract.

“If your performance is good, it will be about six-figures bah.” Yu Xinze said.

Ye Huai was decisively subdued by the capitalism, deciding to convert his relationship with his cigarette to an underground affair, “Okay, I will not smoke anymore.”

Yu Xinze was very satisfied, after this, Ye Huai really did not smoke anymore. The days flew by, during the day, the two people, one plays games while the other settles official business. At night, Ye Huai will be the first to return home, once Yu Xinze finishes with his socializing, he also returns home, the only downside to this routine is that there was no nightlife to speak of. (TN: he means there’s no sex to speak of.)

“What does nightlife count for, cigarettes are the important one!” Ye Huai lazily rested on Yu Xinze’s home sofa, smoking comfortably.

Since he had agreed to Yu Xinze demand, Ye Huai never smoked cigarettes in front of him, but in places where Yu Xinze could not see, he relied on his system’s help, everyday relaxing comfortably.

520 shouted in Ye Huai’s consciousness: “Do you know how bad the air around you is? Severe pollution! Red warning, red warning already!”

Ye Huai: “Second-hand smoking ahhh, there is no one around anyways, don’t make such a fuss about nothing.”

520: “Yu Xinze is already on the way back.”

Ye Huai: “Its okay, I believe in your air purifying efficiency.”

520: “Fuck fuck fuck, why must I agree to help you!”

Ye Huai: “Be good, Xiao Ling Ling, you cannot say such bad words. Once I complete the mission, I will be able to earn hero points, with hero points, I can help you upgrade. So. by helping me, you are helping yourself.”

Once Ye Huai finished speaking, he took a puff in a relaxed manner.

“Ding Dong.” The door bell rang.

“Who is it? Wasn’t Ye Xinze still on the way back?” Ye Huai instantly sat up straight, extinguishing the cigarette with the greatest speed. He was scrambling to find a place to conceal the ashtray, when the house door actually opened on its own.

“Cough, Assistant Ouyang, this is the document that President Yu wants.” Lu Tezhu used the spare key to open the door, standing stiffly at the door, looking at the smoke-filled house. How does President Yu survive in this type of environment?

“En, give it to me bah.” Ye Huai stiffly smiled, “If there is nothing else, you can go first.”

“No, I am waiting for President Yu to return. There are still some things to be reported to him.” Lu Tezhu quickly waved, even though he would like to leave this heavily polluted house immediately.

The smile of Ye Huai’s face turned stiff, how will 520 deal with the smoke if he does not leave? How will he deal with the smoke? If he waits till Yu Xinze returns, won’t his salary and bonuses all amount to nothing?

No nightlife and also no money?

“This is called losing the man and also losing his money.” 520 said in his consciousness, pleased, flaunting the idiom that he recently learned to Ye Huai.

“You shut up.” Ye Huai particularly wanted to pinch it to death.

“President Yu, you’re back.” Lu Tezhu heard the elevator and promptly moved towards the direction. This apartment complex was the type where there was only one apartment per floor, so the elevator was right in front of the apartment’s front door.

Once Yu Xinze exited the elevator, he immediately smelled the pungent odor of tobacco. He did not give Lu Tezhu even one look, entering through the front door in a stride, then saw Ye Huai who was in the center of all the smoke.

“President Yu, I brought all the information you wanted, I’ll just put it on the table.” Lu Tezhu indicated to the files on the dining table, “If there is nothing else, I’ll leave first.”

Yu Xinze did not even pay attention and just continued to stare at Ye Huai.

Lu Tezhu saw that something major was happening and it was not good, so quickly slipped away stealthily with his things. Sure enough, working conscientiously is the right way, this time Ouyang is in big trouble, he might even get fired tomorrow.

The front door was locked by Yu Xinze, Ye Huai stood around the sofa area, seemingly seeing his salary and bonuses all flushed away.

Yu Xinze walked over to him, then passed him, opening the windows to let the smoke quickly disperse. Then he caught Ye Huai wrist, dragging him into the master bedroom.

“Xiao Ling Ling, he’s going punish me!” Ye Huai excitedly shouted in his consciousness.

520: “I can see……”

Ye Huai: “Like this, I now have a nightlife, I should have long smoked in front of him.”

520: “……You do not feel any heart pain from the lost salary and bonuses?”

Ye Huai: “Money is just a worldly possession, but every comfortable night you have rightfully belongs to you.”

520: “……” The reasoning is also yours, I have nothing to say.

Ye Xinze roughly removed Ye Huai’s clothes, in this period of time he was being pampered, so Ye Huai’s body finally put on some meat and feels soft to the touch.

He pressed Ye Huai against the wall, then kicked him behind his knee, making him kneel facing the wall. Then Yu Xinze kneeled behind him, using his own knees to spread the legs of the person before him, totally controlling him between his own body and the wall.

In his heart, Ye Huai was surprised and pleased, he has seen this position on the internet before, it was said that with this, it can go in very deep. Numerous netizens already tried this position.

Ye Huai long wanted to try it, as expected, God still loves him.

520: “I did not hear anything, I did not see anything, La La La, La La La, I am a pure little system.”

This time, Yu Xinze left out the lubricant, he casually moved twice then went on the offensive. He pressed Ye Huai’s hands above his head, then their bodies suddenly became one.

“Ah!” Ye Huai shouted.


人财两空 (losing the man and also losing his money) – an idiom that literally means the person and his possessions are both lost.

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  1. The interaction between Xiao Lung Ling and Ye Huai is very entertaining as usual.

    I see Ye Huai enjoying being punished but I wonder if he knows that he can’t just resign. Hahahaha

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