SSTWT: The president’s personal assistant(6)

After a night of indulgence, Yu Xinze woke up atop the bed. He saw Ye Huai in his dream again, the child was lying under him, crying breathlessly.

Ye Huai curled up in one corner, sleeping. Yu Xinze carried him up, moving him back to his own room, even covering him with the blanket before returning. The master bedroom was in a mess, even the wall was stained with an unknown liquid.

Yu Xinze removed the blanket covers, pillowcase and sheets, throwing all of them into the washing machine.

Last night, when he found Ye Huai smoking, he was so angry that his thinking became muddled. He trusted him so much, but he actually deceived him! The restraint that Yu Xinze gained from his business experiences all disappeared, he only went along with his temper, severely punishing Ye Huai.

But when he saw his trembling body lying under him, his heart ached. Their first time was a funny mishap, yet their second time was forced by him.

When did my moral character become so low?

Yu Xinze walked to the bathroom, upset. After a simple shower, he put on his sportswear and walked towards the apartment’s gym, starting his daily morning exercise.

Ye Huai was sleeping soundly, until he was awakened by his hunger.

His stomach was grumbling and protesting, but his body was very tired. “Xiao Ling Ling, what time is it now?” Ye Huai was too lazy to open his eyes, asking 520 in his consciousness.

520: “It’s one in the afternoon already.”

Ye Huai: “I’m late for work!” Ye Huai jumped up from the bed, but in the next second, he laid back down again, “Aiyo, my waist ah!”

Yu Xinze was working in the study, his door open, concerned about Ye Huai’s movements. At this moment, when he heard Ye Huai’s voice, he immediately pushed open the door and entered.

“You’re awake?” Yu Xinze asked.

Ye Huai’s face reddened, stupidly not knowing what to say, then turned in a circle and wrapped himself in the blankets. Even though Yu Xinze brought him back to his room, his body is still fully naked.

“Xiao Qing, do you feel uncomfortable anywhere?” Yu Xinze stood at the end of the bed, he wants to sit beside him but felt remorse at his impulsiveness yesterday.

“I’m fine.” Ye Huai tightly wrapped himself, seemingly afraid of Yu Xinze’s proximity.

Yu Xinze was ready to move closer, but then his movements became sluggish, in a dilemma, “I sent someone to bring lunch over, if you are hungry, then come out and eat a little.”

Ye Huai gave a soft “En”, still wrapping himself up cautiously.

Yu Xinze got up to leave, but Ye Huai suddenly raised his head to call him, “President Yu, I……I won’t smoke again next time, I’m sorry.”

Ye Huai’s voice was light and soft, tugging at Yu Xinze’s heartstrings. He looked back at Ye Huai, the rim of the child’s eyes were red. It was probably due to crying last night, there are also a few red marks on his neck, they were all left by him last night.

Yu Xinze could not remember how many times they did it last night, he only remembered that Ye Huai was completely made to cry, sobbing spasmodically under him, filling him with a sense of guilt.

“It is my fault, I should not have been so forceful. Next time you should look after yourself, don’t smoke too fiercely.” said Yu Xinze, he wanted to hug Ye Huai, reaching out an arm but then took it back, turning around to leave to fix up lunch.

“Yay, I can finally smoke openly!” shouted Ye Huai in his consciousness.

520: “Did you cry for real last night?” Although 520 did not see the whole thing last night, but he did hear Ye Huai’s cries.

Ye Huai: “You saw? Wasn’t this brother’s posture yesterday beautiful?”

520: “……the scene was in mosiac, I could only hear sounds.” It doesn’t want to see its host doing it with another man. This is simply provoking all the single dogs around!

Ye Huai: “If I din’t cry like that yesterday, would he feel this guilty today?”

520: “So you did all that to make him feel guilty, so that you can smoke?”

Ye Huai: “Then again, its not only that, doing that with him is indeed exciting.” Ye Huai touched his chin, revealing a memorable smile.

Suddenly, 520 realised, the chances of it using the mosaic feature again next time will be much greater.

In the afternoon, Yu Xinze sent some people to buy two bowls of mixed grain porridge back, along with some light side dishes. Yesterday they tossed around excessively, so it definitely not suitable for Ye Huai to consume too lavish meals right now.

After Ye Huai cleaned himself up, he walked out, the rims of his eyes no longer as red as before but still a little swollen, it being obvious that he cried with just a closer look.

“I requested for the dishes to be lighter, try it to see if you are used to it?” Yu Xinze’s attitude toward Ye Huai has never been more careful, wishing that he could hold him in his arms.

“En.” Ye Huai nodded, sitting diagonally to Yu Xinze, his movements a little sluggish.

They had a quiet lunch, both not talking much. After lunch, Yu Xinze had to go the company to handle official business, he ordered for some people to bring back the game Ye Huai was currently playing, to let Ye Huai pass time, only then did he leave.

“Finally gone.” Ye Huai laid on the sofa. The smoothness of the action did not seem like the actions of someone who did it till they could not get up from the bed. He opened his phone, ordering all kinds of takeaways. All those light dishes were too damn tasteless.

520: “So you were not even a little bit injured?”

Ye Huai: “Who says, this brother’s waist still hurts a lot okay!”

520: “Then you still ordered so much junk food!”

Ye Huai: “It’s exactly because my waist hurts, that’s why I need to eat more to supplement my body!”

520: “……” This is the first time it has heard that KFC could supplement the body.

Ye Hua connected the PS4, then opened the zombie fighting game, this is already his second time playing the game.

520: “You like this game this much?”

Ye Huai: “This reminds me of the great years of the past.”

520: “……speak like a human.”

Ye Huai: “I haven’t done a surgery in a long time, I miss it a little.”

520: “Where is the connection……”

Ye Huai: “Also, the male lead is very handsome!”(TN: I think this is referring to the male lead of the zombie game)

520: “This is the main point!”

Ye Huai: “Trim waist, long legs and a firm ass, too bad he is already married, Ai……”

520: “You clearly like the part where he flirts with his wife.”

Ye Huai: “It’s because at that part, he was not wearing a shirt.”

520: “……” I was wrong, I should not have believed in the host’s morals.

After the takeouts were delivered, Ye Huai sat on the sofa, eating his chicken while playing games until Yu Xinze made a phone call at about six o’clock in the evening.

“Xiao Qing, have you eaten yet?” Yu Xinze just finished a very important meeting and was currently handling some affairs in the office.

Ye Huai looked, with his eyes filled with chicken bones and Coke bottles, said, “Ate already, President Yu.”

Yu Xinze heart felt pain again. He felt the distance between Ouyang Qing and him was slowly growing, “Xiao Qing, you……I will come back earlier today, I have something to tell you.”

“En.” said Ye Huai. Yu Xinze talked to him a while more before hanging up.

“What to do, he is going to come back early.” Ye Huai was a bit reluctant to leave his zombies and firmed ass male lead.

520: “En, I hope he’ll be back soon.”

Ye Huai: “What does he want to say to me?”

520: “I already know what it’s about, but I won’t tell you.”

Ye Huai: “He found the old friends Ouyang Qing once had, and persuaded them to fight the lawsuit.”

520: “You know?”

Ye Huai: “Why don’t you see who this brother is first.” Ye Huai nose was about to pierce through heavens already.

As expected, that night, Yu Xinze talked to Ye Huai about fighting the lawsuit.

Ouyang Qing and his small team was made up of five people, four males and one female. There were two guys that were dug away by He Luo afterwards to join him, the other guy and girl also found new jobs after their team collapsed.

“Xiao Wang told me that he has been trying to find you, but he could not contact you.” Yu Xinze mentions one of the guys out of the other two that joined He Luo, Wang Yi.

Ye Huai then remembers that he did not take the original’s cell phone when he came, the one that he was currently using is the gaming phone that Yu Xinze has given him, “I din’t bring my phone.”

“You have a good relationship with him?” Yu Xinze suddenly asked.

Ye Huai blinked, although he has the original Ouyang Qing’s memories, but till now, he has not looked through it carefully. At this moment, he made a hasty last minute effort, and found that Wang Yi and he were actually quite close.

Yu Xinze saw that Ye Huai was in a daze and thought that he remembered something, his expression being so serious, don’t know whether when he thinks about him would he show this type of an expression too? Today, he met Wang Yi and the girl An Qi, An Qi was ordinary but Wang Yi felt very concerned about the recent developments in Ouyang Qing’s life, he even held some hostility towards him.

Wang Yi hid it well, but Yu Xinze could still see it.

“It’s okay.” Ye Huai was silent for a long time before giving this answer, when Yu Xinze listened to it, its meaning changed.

“I met Wang Yi and An Qi today. They are willing to cooperate with the lawsuit. I will arrange for a lawyer, but there is one thing I hope we can talk about before that.” said Yu Xinze. Actually, this matter, he could have called for all three of them to meet together, or consult with the backbones of the company, but in the end, he decided to inform Ye Huai first.

“What is the matter?” Ye Huai’s line of sight collided with Yu Xinze’s, he trembled for a moment but then held it in, as if using all his courage to face him.

He was also like that last night, lying on the bed powerlessly after doing it twice, body trembling, face full of tears. Yu Xinze collected himself, then continued, “I have discussed this matter with the lawyer, the certainty is great. However, before doing it, I first want to buy your company.”

As expected.

Ye Huai had long thought of this, Yu Xinze cannot help them fight a lawsuit for no reason, even if He Luo was his competitor, it’s not necessary to harm others without benefiting oneself.

So now, Yu Xinze proposing to buy over the company does not surprise him at all.

In this acquisition, personnel is secondary. The most important thing is that they will certainly acquire the copyright that is in the hands of Ouyang Qing’s company, this is their main goal.

Due to this lawsuit, the plagiarized cultivation game will certainly become famous, in their hands is also the second version that is currently in development, having gone through a small internal test online, with good responses. If Yu Xinze acquired their company, the copyright of this mobile game will certainly be eaten together.

Now that their team has already collapsed, if Yu Xinze does not intervene, it will only be a matter of time before the small company declares bankruptcy. So, intervening at this time, even if it’s to help them win the copyright lawsuit, Yu Xinze can also use the least amount of money while gaining the most benefit.

Moreover, by using the ‘helping to fight the lawsuit’ card, he might also win over the founding team along with it. Their game, along with Yu Xinze’s capital, will make it so that Da Ze conglomerate will soon have a share in the mobile game market.

Really played a good plan ah! Ye Huai thought.

“I know that saying this right now is like exploitation.” said Yu Xinze. When he proposed to help Ouyang Qing with the lawsuit, it was indeed out of consideration for Ye Huai. But after living together for this period of time, along with last night, it is more and more difficult for him to treat Ouyang Qing’s issue as purely business.

“If you do not agree, I will not force you. We can change the way we cooperate. After winning the lawsuit, I will inject some funds into your company, you can go ahead and develop whatever game you want, I will not interfere.” Yu Xinze said.

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