SSTWT: The president’s personal assistant(7)

Ye Huai did not say anything, talking to 520 in his consciousness, ” Did Yu Xinze eat the wrong medicine? So kind-hearted!”

520: “Don’t forget that it’s you that ate the wrong medicine first.”

Ye Huai: “……” When did his little system become so dirty?

“You think about it, this matter is not urgent.” said Yu Xinze.

But I’m in a hurry ah! Ye Huai gave a quick analysis, then said, “President Yu, I agree……the acquisition.”

Hey hey hey, don’t stare at me ah, I am also very surprised! Just as Ye Huai finished speaking, Yu Xinze stared at him, looking very surprised. Unfortunately, before Ye Huai had time to appreciate his beautiful eyes, he went back to normal.

“En, I will call for a meeting with the lawyers and the other relevant departments tomorrow, then we talk about the details.” said Yu Xinze. He looked at Ye Huai, Ye Huai looked at his own hands, his fingers tangling nervously. “If you are not feeling well, we can postpone it.”

“No need.” Ye Huai said, “I……am okay.”

Yu Xinze’s heart felt sour, it was not his intention to hurt Ye Huai, however he placed him beside him because he still din’t trust him. That day, after Ye Huai explained to him  about the matter regarding the drug, Yu Xinze accepted it, but instinctively, he still had his doubts. So he still placed Ye Huai at his side and closely monitored.

Can’t say that it was the best move. It may have been due to his selfish protectiveness, he always felt that keeping him by his side was the best.

But last night seemed to prove that this was not the best decision.

Once something has occurred between two people, this type of a bond would seep into their subsequent associations. Any slight spark would uncontrollably flare up.

“Xiao Qing, if I change your position, what would you want to do?” asked Yu Xinze.

Ye Huai stopped the entangling of his hands and questioned somewhat uncertainly, “You want to make me leave?”

Yu Xinze listened, the meaning of this statement is completely wrong. He seemed to hear Ye Huai accusing him: How can you just get rid of me after you leave the bed?

For the past 10 years, Yu Xinze has placed all his efforts into his work. In the area of feelings, his experience is still stuck at before the age of 16.

“No, I’m just asking.” said Yu Xinze, “You should rest earlier.” He passed Ye Huai, shutting himself in his study.

Ye Huai stood outside the door, watching the study door close, completely blocking the Yu Xinze’s figure. He asked 520 in his consciousness, “Say, isn’t this Yu Xinze a bit of a slag?”

520: “I think the real slag is obviously you.”

Ye Huai: “Beloved Xiao Ling Ling, don’t bring your moodiness to work! You’ve seen him top me so many times, even allowing me to stay here, yet did not even give a name, I feel very awkward okay?”

520: “This is what you care about?” Host, is this you turning over a new leaf?

Ye Huai: “Giving a name means regular nightlife.”

520: “……He may also find a new love immediately and then let you stay here alone. ”

Ye Huai: “……” Life is already so hard, what is the point in you and I hurting each other?

520: “Also, I want to remind you, Ouyang Qing is straight, Ouyang Qing is straight, Ouyang Qing is straight!”

Ye Huai: “Lies, that Wang Yi was clearly tangled with him. The two of them have two different fields of study yet always go to class together, if it is not intentional then what is it?”

520: “Public Courses?”

Ye Huai: “Nonsense, what kind of public courses do you have in school for a year four senior whose major is art and a year three junior whose major is in programming?”

520: “That was Wang Yi’s intention, Ouyang Qing did not know anything!”

Ye Huai: “But I know.”

520: “You cannot destroy the setup.”

Ye Huai: “But I can enjoy the pleasure of  being fought over by two men.”

520: ……You are really, very much into the show ah!

Under the enthusiastic expectation of Ye Huai, the day of the meeting finally arrived.

Ye Huai: “Xiao Ling Ling, do I look handsome wearing this shirt?”

Ye Huai got up early and has since began to turn over the wardrobe, swearing to dress himself up into a peacock with its wings spread. After Yu Xinze ordered him to stay here, he commanded for some people to buy him quite a lot of clothes. Furthermore, he gave him some salary in advance. His food and living arrangements were all included, so the Ye Huai that did not need to save any money spent money like water ah.

Ye Huai looked at the cabinets full of clothes, honestly praised, “President Yu treats the people that shares his bed quite well, have to praise him a little.”

520: “The main point is that he is good in bed and also generous?” It has completely figured out its host’s pattern.

Ye Huai: “How can you be so vulgar? You should say that he is considerate and relaxed.”

520: yes yes yes, you are the only cultured one.

Yu Xinze’s eyes lighted up when he saw Ye Huai coming out of the room. A light-colored, slim T-shirt、short trousers and a casual jacket, along with a simple long necklace.

Ye Huai was still somewhat dissatisfied, if not for his chest muscles not being good enough, he would have long wore something sleeveless, why would he wear a jacket ah!

520: “Flirtatious.”

“You look good.” Yu Xinze’s face was shamefully red, like he was some kind of young and inexperience little kid.

On the surface, Ye Huai was reserved, but in his consciousnesses, he laughed madly, “As expected, the charm of this brother has not diminished!”

520: “This is not your body, your real body is already 28, acting like you are young is shameful.”

Ye Huai: “Shut up, so noisy, right now I’m only 23.”

520: “I’m saying the truth oh.”

Ye Huai decided to ignore the killjoy system, aloofly walking closer to Yu Xinze in order to better observe his lovely expression. Unfortunately, he only took a step when Yu Xinze’s face changed colors, awkwardly asking him to change clothes.

“This is not okay?” On the surface, Ye Huai was panicking, but in his heart, he was very happy. President Yu was jealous!

At first, when Yu Xinze saw what Ye Huai wore, he was mesmerized for a moment. He usually wore big T-shirts and jeans, although full of youthfulness, but it was not as attractive as today.

But, thinking about it for a moment, Wang Yi will be coming today, him wearing this would make someone have wild thoughts.

“Go and change.” Yu Xinze unhappily ordered.

In the end, Ye Huai was forced to wear a boring white shirt and black trousers. He was also forced to bring a big pair of glasses, only then did Yu Xinze let him out the door.

“Are you very happy today?” In the car, Yu Xinze surprisingly did not look at his documents, but instead chatted with Ye Huai.

“Okay.” Ye Huai said, he was still slightly cautious when speaking, “I haven’t seen Wang Yi for a long time……and An Qi.”

This name again! Flames ignited in Yu Xinze’s heart, Ouyang Qing likes that Wang Yi this much? This morning, he even specially dressed up, obviously like he was going on a date. Usually when we go to work together, he has never dressed up so meticulously before.

Ye Huai sat beside Yu Xinze, continuing to use all his efforts to cause trouble, “Wang Yi found a new job? He has always did very well at college. ”

Did you hear that? Ouyang Qing, who is not good at words, actually praised him? The flames in Yu Xinze’s heart were fanned.

“He will definitely be very successful.” Ye Huai continued saying, looking a little downcast after he was done speaking.

When Yu Xinze saw that, he immediately understood. He once watched his peers graduate smoothly from high school, entered college, yet he was struggling with a tangle of debt and complicated business relationships. He had also once felt that his life was slowly sinking.

Outsiders evaluate that he is a business genius, having great insight, perseverance and other great adjectives were crowned on his head after his success. But when he was still struggling in the dust, who cared about his potential? This is a society that looks at the end result.

“You will be better than him.” Yu Xinze held Ye Huai’s hand and said.

Ye Hua glanced at him in astonishment, then lowered his eyes again,, not saying anything. In his heart, he called out to Xiao Ling Ling.

520: “Don’t use that hateful name again.”

Ye Huai: “Don’t avoid the subject, I want to talk to you about real matters.”

520: “……” You have real matters to talk about? I thought you forgot all about them!

Ye Huai: “How is it going at He Luo’s side?”

520: “He won over quite a number of big supporters using the Xiao Family’s power, currently making lots and lots of money.”

Ye Huai: “There are still four and a half months to the day where He Luo sets up his plot to get her pregnant.”

520: “Are you planning to wait until then?”

Ye Huai: “Of course, fight to lawsuit first, give him some bad reputation to make him anxious. Afterwards, add some oil to the fire. It’s best if we can drag down the Xiao family along the way. Like this, we’ll see if their alliance can still bear fruit.”

Just nice, they arrived at the company. Today, they were meeting Wang Yi and An Qi in the morning.

“Let’s go up.” Yu Xinze said to Ye Huai as he closed the notebook on his lap. He cleared his whole morning schedule today in order to meet with Ouyang Qing’s team to confirm the acquisition and negotiate with the lawyers.

When Ye Huai and Yu Xinze entered the conference room together, Wang Yi and An Qi have already arrived. Sitting at the side were also some of Yu Xinze’s company staff.

When Wang Yi saw Ye Huai, he stepped forward and hugged him, causing Ye Huai to not know where to place his hands or feet.

“We all thought that something happened to you, actually disappearing for so long.” An Qi walked up and also gently hugged Ye Huai. However, her hug was the type that was completely chaste and polite. Unlike Wang Yi, who directly embraced him.

Yu Xinze was briefing Lu Tezhu on some things, yet through his peripheral vision, his eyes were actually fixed on Ye Huai. Seeing the two people who took turns holding him, he was extremely disatisfied at their frivolous way of greeting.

Ye Huai’s face was flushed, his eyes holding a bit of happiness, obviously very happy to meet his old friends.

“The meeting is starting.” Yu Xinze came over to hold Ye Huai’s wrist, pulling him to sit next to him. Then, with his face cold, he ordered, “The meeting starts now.”

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