SSTWT: The president’s personal assistant(2)

“System, has Xiao Mingyu and He Luo come yet?” At Xiao-He, these two people’s engagement banquet was Ye Huai. He was dressed in a waiter’s uniform, leaning against the wall lazily.

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Still Saving The World Today (Switching Worlds)

Author: 手帕望明月

Ye Huai has two goals in his lifetime,

to be a good doctor, also to be a good doctor surrounded by handsome men.

Unfortunately, after being a doctor 10 years, still lost his job because of the most handsome man.

What to do?

520: Congratulations you have been bound successfully to system number 520, save the world task set is coming soon……

Ye Huai: ? ? ? ! ! !

So, today’s Doctor Ye is busy saving the world……

520: Lies, you are clearly trying to pick up guys!

Ye Huai: No, I am very dedicated to fulfilling the great ambition of saving the world.

Narcissistic, Complex Shou X King of the Silver Screen Gong, along with the newborn system number 520 whose three views are crumbling and reestablishing everyday.

Basis of the novel……

  1. 1v1, all the gong are the same person
  2. Melodramatic with no logic, moral integrity often missing, in case you are uncomfortable, please immediately exit.
  3. All the time periods are equally impractical.
  4. I wish all of you a pleasant reading.


快穿 means the main character going to other worlds for a temperorary period of time to complete missions.

Shou is the chinese equivalent of a uke, the bottom in the relationship. 

Gong is the chinese equivalent of a seme, the one on top in the relationship.

Three views has something to do with communism.

Table of contents:

The president’s personal assistant:

1: I am system 520

2: Laxatives cannot be eaten

3: Finished eating

4: So fast

5: I like this position 

6: Abacus

7: Can it not be so vulgar?

8: There is an idiot here